1. Vulcan Inc.
    "The Company for the gods"

    Owned and Operated By Ice_Lightning99 & Xothis_Dwarf

    Our Mission

    EMC is full of wonderful things that make this server such a great place to play Minecraft. We at Vulcan Inc. want to open a variety of different services so we can give back to the community.
    • Mall- 9500 (to be open on Christmas)
    • Supply Company- To be open within the next week
    • Ice's Designs- http://tinyurl.com/ices-designs
    • A Wild Outpost- to be started up early 2014
    • Events- 9348 once the event center is built
    Hiring Status:
    • We are currently looking for a few people to work for the supply co.
    • If you want your service to be a chain of Vulcan Inc. pm Ice_Lightning99 and we will talk about a small start up fund if you business seems it will produce revenue
    9500 Community
    We are currently forming a community around the 9500 mega mall on smp4, we are going with a Greek/Roman style of build. We want a nice place for people to be able to gather and be able to help out their neighbors.
    Fun Facts
    Our Name:
    Vulcan was the smith of the gods on Roman mythology- therefore as we are "Vulcan Inc.", we want to provide for the players of EMC
  2. Will I get paid if I get a job at Vulcan inc?
  3. yes- the for the supply co. we haven't really went over how we will pay you but if u want to be apart of the chain then we will give u a small start up fund and we would get some money every once and a while
  4. What does the job exactly do
  5. do u know what a supply co is?
  6. I also need suppliers for the mall :)
  7. What server will the Outpost be on?
  8. w
    we have not decided yet please express any ideas :)
  9. I'd gladly supply multiple items, and willing to get specifics!
  10. Thanks I will PM you now :)
  11. I would love to help supply items I have way too much production of a lot of stuff please PM me more info :)
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  12. bump please tell us any services you would like to see/use
  13. We building a large stadium for spleefs and other events we will try to have an event every Sunday and a big one once a month but we cant supply all these prizes without money so we need a way to do this (e.g. charging for the once a month one or just plain old donations)