Vulcan Inc.- Ice's Designs

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  1. Vulcan Inc.- Ice's Designs
    Ice's designs is a chain off of Vulcan Inc. This service is to make designs for the EMC community All you have to do is fill out the order form below and I will get to work on you design. Once done i will send you the world download link and you will be able to view your designed building:

    • House- 2.5k
    • Something to make your farm look nice- 1k
    • Ranch- 5k
    • Small Shop- 5k
    • Medium Shop- 10k
    • Mall- 40k
    • If I haven't stated what you want PM me and I will see what i can do
    Order Form:
    IGN; (In Game Name)
    Home Smp:
    What You Want Build:
    What Blocks Your want used:
    Certain Style: (optional)

    Time: Most Buildings will be done within a 1-2 weeks (except malls). I will give you a ETA for your building and if i do not complete it in that time you get a 25% discount, Unless I tell you that it will not be done by that time.
  2. do you have some samples of your work?
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  3. i won sotrmboy231's mall design contest and im working on another contest right now here is a pic of that: but all my other work got deleted because I had to redownload MC after 1.7 2013-12-15_19.36.37.png
  4. How big are the small and medium shops
  5. Vulcan inc. is mine and Ice's business come see our mega mall that is nearly done at 9500 BUT you must visit 9348 to see it as move is off on 9500 please note this is a fairly simple design and its very nice designed pretty much all by Ice :) I would recommend him (ik its part of our business but hes good :p)
  6. small shop would fit a certain type of item: (example) Tools and armor
    medium shop would be able to fit 4 different types of items
  7. IGN; Dr_Hacksaw
    Home Smp: Smp1
    What You Want Build: Small Shop
    What Blocks Your want used: Logs, Snow, Leaves, Emeralds (maybe)
    Certain Style: Hexagonal Shaped Room :)[/quote]
  8. IGN; (In Game Name) Dr_Hacksaw
    Home Smp: Smp1
    What You Want Build: Small Shop
    What Blocks Your want used: Logs, Leaves, Snowblocks, Glowstone, Emerald
    Certain Style: (optional) HExagonal Shape!
  9. could i see a picture of a ranch?
  10. no i build a design for you... a ranch would be a house w/ a farm area
  11. IGN; (In Game Name)kyle12cu1
    Home Smp: 3
    What You Want Build: Mega Mall
    What Blocks Your want used: The blocks that you are using in the picture above but no diamonds. Please replace something with diamonds.
    Certain Style: (optional) Picture above
  12. 40k paid and res access to 6001
  13. wait... i only come up w/ the design... i dont build it
    u are more than welcome to use that design if u are still paying though
  14. Oh..............
    Dang can I have my rupees back?
  15. sure I can't get on till tomorrow though, u can use the design if u want... It's fairly simple... If u wanted to use it, u would have to pay the 40k and if u don't want to use diamond I would suggest lapis, gold, or emerald
  16. Waiting for the money... You didn't pay me