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  1. Just a thread to let the people of EMC find out about Vsauce. It's a set of two youtube channels, vsauce and vsauce2. Both cover a range of interesting and fascinating topics to do with technology, weird people, funny images, fun things to do online and much more, there is just about something for anyone. For example, some of the subcategories are ... DONG (Do Online Now Guys) - Cool things to do in your web browser, stuff like fun flash games, interesting websites, hilarious videos. - BOAT ( Best Of All Time ) Chooses a category , such as flash mobs, and will show a selection of some of the best videos in that category. IMG ( Hilarious photos ) Lots of videos showing some of the funniest and extreme photos on the net. FAK ( Facts And Knowledge ) Want to find out some fascinating facts, choose this subcategory for the true facts behind some of the worlds strangest mysteries. There are also many more subcategories to choose from, If you check out the channels and you can't find something that really blows your mind then i will personally apologise for wasting thread space, but I don't think you'll be disappointed, here are a few of the hundreds of videos on the channel ...
  2. Must have posted this at the wrong time :p
  3. Lol at breast slapper "We have slapping training"
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