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  1. I've been told by several people on several occasions that one can trade a Diamond Supporter Voucher for 2 Gold Supporter Vouchers, and a Gold for 2 Iron, or vice versa. People are buying Diamond Vouchers with rupees with the intent of dividing them into Iron for resale. I don't want to miss out on the action, but I'd hate to buy vouchers with this in mind only to find out it's not true.
    a) Is this true?
    b) How do I do it?
    c) Can EMC note this option somewhere, since it makes a huge difference in the way people price supporter vouchers (ex. 1 diamond voucher for 400k, but 4 iron vouchers for 500-600k)?
  2. This is correct!
    You can trade:

    1 Dia for 2 Gold
    1 Dia for 4 Iron
    1 Dia for 1 Gold and 2 Iron

    1 Gold for 2 Iron
    2 Gold for 1 Dia

    2 Iron for 1 Gold
    4 Iron for 1 Dia

    I hope this helped you out :)
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  3. I believe you can trade them in for other equivalents with Staff (Community Managers), correct me if I am wrong :)
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  4. That's what I said =P
  5. You didn't say who to trade them with, you just said what you can trade them for.
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  6. Fair enough.
    I said you can trade them ;)
  7. Ok, I just wanted to make sure it's a sure thing and not something someone had done once a year ago.
    I guess I'll do that, though I'm not sure I like it. I enjoyed the imbalance between Iron/Diamond Voucher prices and the way one could go up and the other down.
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  8. Thats pretty cool. Good to know.