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  1. I vote every day...when I remember to.
    The last couple days I haven't been able to vote on one of the pages because it keeps getting an error and refreshing does nothing.
    So..I'm losing rupees here and I'm already so broke! :(
    Is there anything that can be done or am I just destined to not vote and stay broke forever? QQ
  2. Well, as far as I can tell, the error with MCSL is a problem on their end (Error 500 -> Internal Server Error), and affects all servers listed there.

    Minestatus should still allow you to vote (I just did. :p) so there's at least that 50 rupees. Hopefully MCSL gets their issue worked out soon.
  3. I hate to be the one to say this, but you should support the Empire for a (somewhat small) monthly fee. Trust, me it can be very worth it.
  4. Yeah iron supporter (The price of a coffee) I mean its TOTALLY worth it :)
  5. I would support if I could, honest. I just can't financially.
    So voting and the daily sign in are all I have at this time.
    I did successfully recruit 2 people, though those rupees went pretty quickly as well. Lol.
    Guess I'll just save up!
  6. Referring players is almost as good as donating if they stick around. The players she referred may donate or may refer more players to the server. It's a great way of helping the server grow.

    While we're on the subject , i'm launching my own minecraft server list with a twist , it's a lot more fun then a plain voting button. Still figuring out a few more glitches before letting everyone know about it :)
  7. Sometimes we have to get out and farm ourselves ... rupee are just a convenience if we are constructing and missing 1 little part. Like 2 Blocks of gold. Other then that I rarely use the rupee. If my rupee balance does grow big I might do a project just payed by rupee, but this is rare. Normally all my stuff is farmed by me.
  8. A lot of members who have tons of rupees got there by opening a player shop. A well run shop can get you a lot more rupees than being a Diamond supporter. Not that I would discourage anyone from supporting the Empire in whatever way you can. Frankly, being a conscientious and helpful player who leaves things better everywhere you go is a form of support, though (although it doesn't keep the lights on).

    There are some great topics in the Community Marketplace section of the forum about setting up a successful shop. Starting out, though, you'll probably have to go into the wilderness and face the monsters to acquire resources to sell but that's kind of the point of the game.

    Finally, as far as voting for EMC the only real advice I could give is to try clearing your cookies and cache on your browser.
  9. Thanks. I've been saving up some stuff to start up a shop. I recently came into a surplus of beds and some eggified animals so I'll get that going as soon as I finish my roof :p SOMUCHWOOD.