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    So... we win right?
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  2. I think we have to hold it for a week :)
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  3. Or it could be top 10 overall. In that case we're rank 11
  4. They reset every month, and every month at the beginning of the month we go up in places. But often we do not maintain it towards the rest of the month. So we have to maintain the 10th place(or higher) for a little while now.
  5. No, I don't think so, because we are a minecraft server. And we want people that want to play minecraft
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  6. Top 10 OVERALL would be better. You look up Topg and we're 11.
  7. Why would it be better?
  8. We've beat the top 5 WoW RuneScape and other games to get to top 11, isn't that better than just being 4 on minecraft? We're 11 overall on the whole site.
  9. Unless there is surprise fine print, I don't think that we would have to hold the streak. The voting page said top 10, we are now top 10.
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  10. Yeah, I agree, it is confusing the way it is worded.
  11. Well we're top 4 for minecraft servers, and i think that's what counts... and aikar just added to the thing on the voting page, it now says "for 7 days".. lol
  12. the goal was for last month, but we didn't get it :(

    It would be a little too easy to get the promo just because of the reset then we drop to 20 tomorrow you know :p
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  13. Well... I guess we'll have to keep voting for another week, then we've got the promo..
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