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  1. I vote when I remember, so I thought I'd look at how we're doing on Here we are at number 308:

    181 Votes in September
    32783 Votes - all time

    Wow. So I thought I'd check out the top of the list:

    #1: 4 Votes in September, 5224 Votes - all time
    #2: 19 Votes in September, 822 Votes - all time
    #3: 3 Votes in September, 870 Votes - all time

    Am I missing something?
  2. Im so confused...
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  3. Change the search requirement to "Popular _____"
    What you're looking at right now are the most recently updated 1.6 servers.
    Change the requirement to "Popular all time" and we're at #27
    In "Popular this month", we're at #19
  4. When you mean 308, do you mean that Empire Minecraft was voted the 308th server in being voted?
  5. No, in this case, it means that there were 307 servers that were added to the website/updated to 1.6 after Empire updated.
  6. Ah... okay. All I'm doing is just voting every day just to get that Voter's Block. I need that thing!
  7. And the other prizes don't appeal to you whatsoever?
    Oh well, more for me :p
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  8. I just really want a Voter's Block for some reason! I also want the Dragon Egg so I can give it to my sister. She's always been saying she wants one.
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  9. Who's your sister?
    And are we getting off topic?
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  10. Panda_Paradise
    And yes!
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  11. Call me greedy, but I want it all. :p
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  12. No way! That voter's block will be mine!! :D
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  13. And that's why you're my best friend for life! :)
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  14. Five people get a voter's block. :)
  15. Ahhh. Tyvm. Makes a lot more sense!