Voting Streak Not Rolling Over

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  1. Generally I vote around 8:30 or so (PM, GMT-5), and have no issues with the voting bonus. On rare occasions though, I run into a situation where it won't kick over to the next day until I've voted on two or three different sites.

    Tonight though, I've gone through four of them and it still isn't giving me the next day.
    I was a little slow on the draw last night and didn't vote until about 10:30, and it took the second voting site to kick over - is the system going to expect me to wait until late at night now, or is this just a random issue?

    *Side-note, there's something wrong with several of the voting sites themselves - the regular captchas have been replaced with "#+#" questions that refuse to respond to the correct answer (I'm sorry Captcha, but I know basic math. 7+8 is 15, and why the hell would you think otherwise?)
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  2. Maybe the + was x?
  3. I'm looking into but your streak is going up day to day or I'm missing something. I looked at other site during the times you voted and matches.

    3 days ago
    Voted for Empire Minecraft on - day bonus: 305
    2 days ago
    Voted for Empire Minecraft on - day bonus: 306

    about an hour ago
    Voted for Empire Minecraft on - day bonus: 307
  4. Dang... almost a year...
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  5. You've almost spent a year of voting 0_o
  6. Dang ninja'd
  7. Untitled-1.jpg
    Yesterday: 307
    Today: still 307.

    You can also see what I mean about it not wanting to roll over at first.
  8. From what i can tell in the photo, it is because you can vote on TopG every 12 hours, not every 24. You voted less than 24 hours after the topg bonus. You ca only get the extra bonus every 24 hours, that is about a hour or so less than 24.


    TOPG (307): 10:44
    TOPG (307 (the other one): 8:50

    Vote on another site by now and it should give you the extra.
  9. I can see you make business in your shop.
    A lot.
  10. A Year of Voting O_O

    I can't even get my streak past 5!
  11. Less than you'd think. Hopefully it'll pick up again once the new store is "officially" open, but it's never been about rupees anyway. I just like to get my writing out there, and give other folks a chance to do the same.

    Just did with Planet Minecraft, and it rolled over fine. 308 now, as it ought to be.
    What bothers me is if my new timetable is gonna be stuck in this later-evening timeframe. 8:30 was convenient and easy to keep for me.

    Just set a time for yourself you can remember, make a habit of it, and stagger your votes on two or three different sites. :)
  12. It works like this, you bumped up to 307 at 10:44PM, and it records your 'last bonus' at that time.

    You can not receive another day increase until you pass 23 hours since then, so 9:44PM

    Essentially, you voted mere minutes too early.

    I want to make this simpler, but if we push on pushing that number smaller, then people could really get way more than 365 days of voting bonus in a year.

    I guess thats not such a bad thing?

    I will make improving the system here a high priority item for this week. If someone is able to vote so much to get that reward every 20 hours for example... I see that as a good thing.
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  13. Ah, so in a couple days I should be able to bring the timetable back down to my usual 8:30-ish? That's good news.