[Voting Streak] my voting strek changed from 11 to 8

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  1. Hi staff,
    On Monday I voted to barely notice that I though I was on mnore than 10 then it was under 10.
    I looked into my rupees history and I found this.

    Note: the time stamps are GMT+10, as EMC time displays them on local time for me.
    Sunday at 8:36 AM Voted for Empire Minecraft on TopG.org - day bonus: 11
    Monday at 7:49 PM Voted for Empire Minecraft on MinecraftServers.org - day bonus: 8

    Has there been a glitch or something. Losing 3 days of voting streak might not be much to some people but at this stage its a lot for me.

    Can someone help?
  2. If you miss a day your streak goes down. Used to drop all the way now it seems to be just a few days. I was at a streak of 204 missed a day and went down to 198. There is a window for voting 30 hours I believe. Anything outside of that you can lose your streak..or part of it.
  3. mmm,
    so if you vote within 24hrs you get the +1 voting streak. Then if you vote within the next 30hrs after that you get -3 or something?
  4. sorry, what i meant was you have 30 hours for the streak to continue for you. for example: i vote at 6am on wednesday i have until approx noon thursday to vote again without losing my streak. if i wait until 1pm etc then my streak would go down. what happened with you was there was almost 36 hours between votes.
  5. oh, ok then so instead of losing the whole streak i only lost 3 days, seems fair altough this info should be available somewhere in the wiki or vote page.

    Thanks for the help
  6. no problem :) ill look for the info i think it is posted somewhere...but i will look see if i can find it.
  7. click the arrow. this is from aikar's voting improvement thread :)