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  1. I am not recieving rupees for sence I started voting, I think. :( Any way to fix that? I am always logged in on with my MC username in spelled right and all. If one checks my votings one would see I've been voting for all 5 sites but only get credit for sign in bonus and the other 3. I'm almost up to 1k r's missing now. It only happens with Please help. The 1k r's not a big deal to get them back but fixing voting rupees would be nice.
  2. Ok, now only,, and are the only ones working. In the mean while I voted 3 times in a row on with no rupees :confused:
  3. I have the same issue, for the past two or three days when I have voted on, I have not recieved any bonus rupees for voting there and I know I voted because the site will not let me vote more then once.
  4. Yeah Planet Minecraft has been working on and off, there isn't anything the EMC staff can do about it really... I haven't had any issues with MCServerList though :confused:
    Have you made sure that the account you use to sign in has your Minecraft username recorded correctly under your settings? Also make sure your voting with your actual Minecraft username too ;)
  5. Just to make this clear, you only recevie a bonus for one server, the rest are always 100r.
  6. Now only the bonus and 2 sites. I know all that and I did all that. I'm only getting credit for 3 of them right now. I know EMC can't do anything about the sites not working. :(
    Now Planteminecraft has me down for have voted but no rupees.
  7. Not entirely sure what you mean by that but;
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  8. EMC is so awesome, that you don't need to be bribed to vote! you should vote just because we all love EMC
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