Voting Issues

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  1. is not registering votes at all is registering double votes each time as confirmed by rupee history

    Am I the only one seeing these issues?
  2. I believe this is true for the Minecraft-Server-List website; haven't checked the other. I've voted at 11:00 last night in TopG and 11:30 this morning and it didn't register.
  3. I tested all the sites today and that's what I saw in my original post. TopG has been working for my account personally.
  4. Server-List just worked for me, this one right? I got doubled by MineServers also
    TopG works fine for me
  5. very strange, yesterday I voted on there and it didn't show up in my rupee history. this morning I do it and it does show up.

    also the mineservers one didn't double up on me this morning.

    so this appears to be intermittent.
  6. I fixed MCSL again yesterday, and also did not double for me yesterday.

    Not sure why MCSL lost the votifier info again, but the double on was likely a fluke in their system.
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  7. appreciate it :D

    do you have stats on how the voting is contributing to bringing new members in?

    Paid is def the winner for new, and to explain the spikes - I was spiking budgets on weekends, but slowed things down with the EULA mess.

    However server lists do not have accurate stats due to people joining w/o clicking a link to the site. I can only track if they visit the site from a link.
  9. This just happened to me today. Most days (if not all; I don't always check) I'm getting credit for 7/8 of them. Today at least the missing one was That and I got double credit for one, which I don't remember but is probably the same as you two.
  10. Ok nothing doubled today, but still no credit for
  11. Still no credit for, and I've tried every 24 hours since my last post.
  12. You are getting it, they just register their name as "MinecraftServersList"

    about an hour ago
    Voted for Empire Minecraft on MinecraftServersList - day bonus: 27
    It confused me at first too, but I just voted for it and it came up as that name for me, and I see it on your rupee history as shown.
  13. I am today, but the total number of them was off as well. Thanks though. I'd vote for the empire for free, but this voter's helmet is a sweet bonus!