[Voting issues] 11-19-2014

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  1. Looks like there is a new round of voting issues since the server maintenance. I only got 1 reward of the 5 I used for myself and the 1 I use for my son worked.
  2. For me none of my votes have been registered =/ I have tried on 3 different sites and still nothing...
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  3. For me its the same the reward doesnt show up ingame or in my rupee log!
    Ill send a technical PM to Aikar about this
    So please dont start doing it all i have send it he doesnt need 25 PM's about the same problem;)
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  4. Seems to have cleared up
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  5. For me it hasnt yet.
    I have pm'ed Aikar about it and we will soon here if he knows the problem/solution, after his rest!
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  6. Here is what I've tested:

    Minecraft-MP.com and Minecraftservers.net both appear to be working fine
    minecraft-servers-list.com is giving me an error "SyntaxError: Unexpected token F"

    TopG.org and MinecraftServers.org definitely aren't registering
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  7. 1 worked for myself and my son, so I am glad that our totals kept moving ahead. He is excited that he has like 62 days or something like that. The leather armor makes him happy. :)
  8. I had issues on TogG a week ago, but got them to flush thier dns and i did the same, and i have not had any problems since.
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  9. is there a way I can get my streak bumped up to 20 because it was not working?
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