Voting for not paying out

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  1. I have voted maybe 4 times this week and I have noticed for the past few weeks that the first one in the list of sites to vote does not pay. This one pays the most and it just seems shaddy that its not paying. I am not the only one stating that its not paying. So am I reimbursed for the votes I did do? Please fix/compensate.

  2. Not to mention that a few of the links list Empire as offline and some of the captchas with the words on like 2 of them are near impossible to read. You can click about 15 times for a new one b4 u can even make out what the words are.
    Please look into these issues, this is helping our server and tbh, its pretty shady to have people go out of their way to vote, then get jipped out of the rupees.
  3. Can't fix a website's captch sorry. About the other stuff. Wait for a staff to respond.
  4. Just voted, and just got paid. Are you using correct capitalization for your username?
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  5. I have never had problems with voting on sites with our server listed. Type in your full name with the correct capitals in it, and make sure you fill out the captchas correctly. I understand some are hard to read/see, but you can only refresh it and try another one because that is not a problem with EMC or the voting site but the captcha itself.
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