Voters Bonus item system.

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  1. Here is a Complete revamp idea for the voters system reward plan... Here we go... Brace yourself I can smell haters a mile away haha.

    Keep an open mind, its only an idea.

    Vote bonus streak could turn into points exchangeable at official Empire Shops.

    Instead of getting items in a specific order, they could be bought with streak points.

    A balance system would need to be in place but the idea would be higher price depending the item value.

    They could be sold back to the empire for half the price in streak points.

    That way we could prioritize on what we'd lile to have first and last.

    You've got 500 left over points? No problem, buy an extra set so you don't have to transfer between servers via Vaults.

    A bigger selection could be offered that way.
    The Voter Iron sword: you want sharpness 1 or fire aspect 1, or knockback 1?

    You could choose which one you want.

    Other idea instead of Buy and sell system.

    When you get your streak, you open assistant to choose an item from a limited selection only once (ex: which voter's sword enchant you want on it?)
  2. The primary issue with this has to do with how the voters items are designed to work.

    They are made with specific enchants to prevent OP items being formed and due to our replacement system currently in place, easier to track who received/earned that specific bonus at that level in order to replace, if a glitch occurs.

    These logs wouldn't be possible in the system that you propose.
  3. Plus you have to consider this, If you have a too OP item, there won't be need for vanilla items. Let's give an example.

    Imagine a Unbreakable voter's god diamond pickaxe. What would happen to all the other Vanilla God Pickaxes? EXACTLY! They would be extinct because no one would use 'em.

    Therefore your idea is good but it just not vanilla or economic-friendly (if you get my meaning.)

    Anyways, I'm really happy with the actual system and I got everything already.
  4. They wouldn't be completely extinct. For something like that you would probably need a year or more of voting to get it. There are many people who don't vote and there are not very many that have voted long enough to get this. There would still be plenty of people buying vanilla items, but I do agree it is still way too OP for even a high vote streak.

    Possibly instead put a limit on the enchants. You could have a sharpness 5 sword but with no more enchants.
  5. Well, my point isn't godly items but more choices on what you get.

    Lile that first sword we get at 75 streak. It has looting, sharpness and knockback I think? Well you could choose different equal version with slight enchantment chamges like no sharpness but knockback II. Or no looting but fortune III to use it on tree leaves. There is many nuances that would make it cool to choose from.

    I get the hassle of item ID related to its streak level if we got to choose from a shop. Thats out the window then.

    Maybe less open and more like those red and green wool windows could be your choices. Choose one of 3 version of voter's sword. Its final, ypu cant swap and its the only lvl you see them.

    Does it start to make more sense?
  6. Remember the good old quote. "When everyone's super, no one will be!"

    So yeah, I kinda still prefer the way things are.
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  7. Ah, that makes sense. I misunderstood, I thought you meant we could buy more enchants with the vote bonuses, eventually getting to full enchants. This would be reasonable. You could make it better for what you would use it for.