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  1. An upgrade of the boots with depth strider would be fantastic or they become useless. Mine have already been retired and will probably sit in a chest without DS.

    As I have just hit 300 I am truly grateful for all my gifts however the 1.8 update was the best of them all. That's not to say I didn't love my 6 emeralds, 9 diamonds, 70750r, vault voucher, stable voucher and UNBREAKABLE!!! fishing rod that I received in the mail for 300.

    But what's next?

    Some people will probably disagree with the next suggestion but I thought it as I went thru the levels. Why arent the tools upgraded with a voucher or something similar? Why should we have an iron axe and a diamond axe with the same stats? Why wasn't the iron turned into diamond or replaced by it?

    So, for 300+ voters instead of them having a set of leather armor and then a set of iron armor (eventually), as you hit the rank for new iron voter's armor, you get a voucher. Click the voucher and place your old voter's leather in a slot (like sending mail), click confirm and you then receive an iron version of the gear.

    Now some might be used to the constant hand-outs of things to stick on walls but I like the upgrade idea so I'm putting it out for discussion.
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  2. Yes, this sounds like a good suggestion. :) There should be more voters items because players will keep voting because of the free rupees. :p