[Vote] Voting Mania Spring 2014!

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  1. Voting Mania 2014

    Hey Empire,
    Today, I'm launching my second voting contest! This contest is made to promote Empire MineCraft on popular voting sites to bring us new members, and let all of you have a chance at winning some amazing prizes. The best part is, all you have to do to be entered is vote!

    How does Voting Mania Work?

    On April 10th, 20th, and 30th, anyone with a voting streak of 10 or more will be entered into the prize pool. Also, anyone with a voting streak above 30 on April 30th will be entered to win one month of supporter status!

    DISCLAIMER: There will be one winner for every 10 day period, and one winner of each supporter voucher. Just because you have a streak of 10 or more on a drawing date, that does not guarantee you will win anything.

    How do I enter?

    All you have to do to be entered into the raffle for the prizes is have a voting streak of 10 or more on each of the drawing date. You can do this by voting on the sites listed at vote.emc.gs. To maintain your voting streak, you only need to vote on one site a day, but it is very much appreciated if you vote on all of the sites.

    On the drawing dates, I will use random.org and chose a winner. At the end of the contest, I will again generate a list of all people with a voting streak over 30, and using random.org, chose the winners of the two supporter vouchers.

    NOTE: You don't need to supply me with evidence of your voting streak. Aikar has been generous enough to provide voting lists for this contest.

    What can I win?

    Round 1 (from April 1st to April 10th) :
    2 Beacons
    1 Turkey Slicer
    1 Labor Bench
    1 Stable Voucher
    50,000 rupees

    Round 2 (From April 10th to April 20th) :
    2 Beacons
    1 Holiday Pick
    1 Fourth of July 2013 Empire Firework
    1 Stable Voucher
    50,000 rupees

    Round 3(from April 20th to April 30th) :
    2 Beacons
    1 Ore Buster
    1 Maxarian Head
    1 Stable Voucher
    50,000 rupees

    Grand Overall Prize (Must have a streak of or over 30 on April 30th to be entered) :

    One member will win one Gold Supporter Voucher

    Another member will win one Diamond Supporter Voucher

    If you have any questions about this contest, please contact me.
  2. Very nice jrm531! Now I can keep up my voting to help EMC, get the voters rewards and be put into the draw for these items!

    This is a very generous competition and I think it will attract more people to vote :)
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  3. Great idea and very generous of you! :)
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  4. It's sad that people have to make people vote instead of them voting for kindness.
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  5. I'm not making anyone vote, just encouraging more players to and rewarding players who already have been :)
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  6. Awesome! I have 23 and counting!
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  7. If you win in round 1 are you allowed to win in like round 2 and 3?
  8. I do agree with kyle that it is weird though. Like, how when the promo was promised EMC raised in places. That means that people did not vote before for EMC, but now at once started voting because they wanted the promo. I hope they will keep voting though.
    I hope that the chance for that to happen will be very small ;)
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  9. We should all do what we can, especially if we play on EMC a lot.
    I think that its cool that people encourage others to vote.
    I voted myself way before the promo thing was ever brought up.
    Reminders to help out, helps US all in the long run.

    Good luck everybody!
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  10. I can't vote on every site EMC is featured on though, because on my iPad the text captchas won't load.
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  11. You can't win another round, but you can still win the overall prize
  12. Forgot this in the OP, but prizes can be picked up at 3582 on smp2
  13. I think it's time for a bump
  14. Very smart idea. I hope this will motivate people and get EMC higher on the sites :)
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  15. Bump. Don't forget you get extra rupees for voting on TopG!
  16. Also don't forget that you can vote on TopG every 12 hours, not just every 24. That is over 600r a day without bonuses!
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  17. Me likes this! Me have a voting streak of 80 :D.
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  18. I have a streak of 6... Ah well that's almost 10
  19. Well there's no drawings until April 10th so I'm sure you can get your streak to 10 by then :)
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