[VOTE] Vote and receive money from me!

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  1. Hey guys! If you send me a screenshot in a pm showing that you voted to help our standings at minecrafterservers.org I will pay you 50r! Thats an extra 50r added to your money for voting if you just msg me the sceenshot!

    make sure to send it in a pm and make sure there is a timestamp or some form of clock and date somewhere!
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  2. Sadly you can't send pictures in a pm. I am willing to pay 50 more r to anyone who posts the picture in the thread if that is ok with rhino. That means 50 from rhino and 50 from me.
  3. I voted! :D

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  4. I might also pitch in some idk I'll have to see if I can afford xD
  5. paid! and jkrmnj i would love if you would like to donate too!
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  6. -Upload to imgur
    -Post link in PM
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  7. So, how could I donate? (I know...this sounds like a really stupid question...)
  8. Boom

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  9. by donate i mean paying the person whatever amount of money you want per vote for them
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  10. I will pay an additional 200r per vote until we reach the top ten. Please place me in the conversation with everyone else if you PM them, or post it here.
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  11. Sure, I can throw in another 50r! :D
  12. Ill start a convo with us all and post the name of each person that either posts here or pms me
  13. I voted for all of the links :) I have no idea how to take a screenshot of my screen (searches endlessly for button).
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  14. If you're on Windows 7: Start > Snipping Tool :)