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    Hello Great peoples of the Empire!

    A while back I started The Golden Empire project, 150+ people sent me their creations on the EMC servers. After a long time here's the voting thread! I've been judging very specific, looking at size/details/originality etc. After plowing trough the whole list there are 31 residences that have been nominated for a price. The total amount of Price money is 180,000r!

    Prize money updated!

    There will be a total of 10 price winners!
    NAME:---------------- VOTES:------------- PRIZE MONEY:
    Importerer------------ 41-------------- 30,000r
    AlexChance------------ 37--------------25,000r
    d1223m---------------- 29------------- 20,000r
    _Stads_ ----------------18------------- 15,000r
    32japan1--------------- 15------------- 15,000r
    dylan_frenette--------- 16 -------------15,000r
    jameskim885----------- 16------------- 15,000r
    hayleycolgan------------11------------- 15,000r
    matstar1--------------- 11 -------------15,000r
    I'm still looking for a nice map seed or a custom world map for the project! If you know one, please send it to me in a private conv or a reply to this thread!


    Good news for all peoples that have NOT BEEN SELECTED for a price, I'll try and fit as much residences in the project as I can. So you guys won't win a prize, but you might be added to the map!

    Started ripping all the residences that I'm gonna use in the map, I've judged the whole list twice for looks/details/size/ etc.

    Pictures are up, more will be added!
  3. What do you mean?
  4. announcements/winners/project progress :)
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  15. Can I donate to the "price" pool? ;)
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  17. you put me in yay :) glad you liked my lot :) please vote for me
  18. I love how there is a neon green screen with 0 and 1's
  19. I made it!!! I actually got selected by the best builder in EMC!!!! I think I am about to faint.......
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