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I hat do you think

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  1. So basically on the forms somewhere it shows your voting streak and how long till u can vote again or how long it has been since you have voted

    I'm tired of going on all the sites and voting just to find out that I can't especially the ones where you have to do the verification.
  2. I don't think EMC keeps that kind of info. The timers would only be on the voting sites themselves.
  3. If nothing else is possible, make a "You clicked this link x time ago" thingy beside the l inks or something would se super useful
  4. That would work too
    I would know before having to go through those pesky verification things
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  5. I like the idea. It would help us to vote on more of them regularly.

    Currently I vote the top three or bottom three sites on alternating days, leaving the middle ones for when sites go down. Otherwise I vote at 9AM one day then 9:30, then eventually I am up until 11:59PM voting until I eventually forget because of the changing times.

    Whether it can be done or not, I know we currently track the last time we voted:
  6. Yup that's why I wanted this since its possible
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  7. I think this is a good idea, I think it should be under the rupees and tokens box.
  8. I do like that that would fit nicely there
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  9. Lol it's over 9000
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  10. Even better would be "Last Vote 21 Hours, 2 Minutes " on TopG(and site name)
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  11. Still no staff insight?
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  12. Bump, I still think this is a good idea
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  13. I like this
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