Vote for Pedro [Vote for Moonglum_]

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  1. Hi Guys,
    Not sure if this is the right place to ask for this.
    As you know there has been an earthquake last week in west coast. Lots of people have lost a lot and it be sad for them to lose their streak on EMC too.
    So if you know of someone that has been hit by the earthquake consider voting for them once a day until they make it back. I'm sure that they would probably do the same if you had been in the earthquake.
    Even though they may have internet their mind are busy with rebuilding and taking care of themselves and their families. So let us worry about their streak on EMC.

    I and a few friends have taken the task of keeping Moonglum_ streak. we try and vote at least once a day for him (however the streak doesn't update on some of them voting website)
    Maybe if staff could freeze their streak until they come back.

    List of players affected by the earthquake: (ill update this list here)
    Moonglum_ - smp4
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  2. I felt nothing :p
    San Francisco got hit hard, Los Angeles is fine...
  3. Moonglum_ is in the San Francisco area I think
  4. Yeah most of the building there are old,so it impacted San Francisco the most...