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  1. Hey this is weird but, Can you guys vote for GHOSTZLOCKS adn jedddiiiii6 daily ill give ruppe rewards each week to voters arround 1k :)
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  2. Isn't that technically against the rules though?
  3. I don't see anything wrong if you are unable to vote for a specific amount of time, and someone votes for you using your name. I'm not too sure on if they want this permanently done for them...
  4. I've done this before and not had any problems with staff :)
    EDIT - However, it's been a while, I guess it's always possible the rules could have changed.
  5. No, I've actually had staff respond to mine multiple times.

    I payed my voter 200r per vote. That's basically an offer under 100r a vote. Also, you can't just say "around 1k". You have to give a set amount.