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  1. The 100Th voter will receive 1000 rupees!
    The 250th voter will receive 5000 rupees!
    I recently noticed the player volume has gone down to a very bad position. I want that to go back up, as in player slots are full and Moderators are in full steam.

    Vote for EmpireMinecraft at Minestatus to earn rupees! FROM ME!

    Whenever you vote you will earn 100 rupees FROM ME! Yes you heard it correctly from a player not some stupid machine that has unlimited rupees and power that can eliminate all human kind!

    How can you earn rupees and how can I prevent people from faking it?
    Simple really, first you vote on EMC Minestatus vote page, then you upload your picture to, then you go fill out the Application Form(simple 2 questions nothing to stress about :)). When your confirmed you will receive 100 rupees.

    What should the picture look like and contain?
    The picture should contain your entire desktop including the date stamp, this proves to me that the picture was taken recently and not a copy of a old one. A example below shows how it is done.
    You don't have to put a red box on your date stamp or the vote confirmation, a picture of your entire desktop is enough. The resolution of the picture must also be clear! I must be able to read both of the red highlighted information. Remember, I need the time/date and Minestatus verifying you have voted! (Note: I used a customized picture because I already voted and I needed the green bar as an example, YOUR PICTURE MUST BE REAL)

    Can I use another image hosting service?
    No, I strictly want pictures to be hosted on because I do not want malicious links in the form. provides a free image hosting service with no registration required.

    If you fail to follow simple instructions you will not earn your rupees and you will be sent a declined message in the forums.

    The rupee pay out is 100 rupees!
    If you wish to contribute you may donate rupees to me but first PM me before donating so I can put your name here.

    What other benefits do I get from voting to EMC?
    Soon in the upcoming days, I will hold a competition from a random raffle and the winner will receive a Diamond Enchanted Pickaxe from a list of his/her choice.

    Can I vote and apply again?
    Yes you can vote again and apply to earn more rupees from me.

    What happens if I try to fool the system?
    You will be further excluded from anything I will host in the future and you will be ignored and banned from any of my residences.

    External Links required to get your extra rupees:
    Application Form
    Voting link

    Also thanks to muffincraft15 for this awesome signature/logo!

    Promote this thread!

    If you have any questions or concerns private message me.
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