VOTE: expand to more servs OR add more slots

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expand to more servs OR add more slots

Poll closed Jan 16, 2012.
expand the Empire into multiple servers 12 vote(s) 80.0%
add more slots to the main server 3 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. Ignore this I'm trying to take it down :/
  2. Technical limitations of the game provide us with no alternative but to use multiple servers. You need to understand that, while the physical server is an unholy beast of a machine and can handle massive amounts of processing equivalent to having hundreds of people online at once, the game itself is coded in such a way that you can only have so many connections to one virtual server before severe lag kicks in.
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  3. wish there could be more slots though :( I think the more the merrier
  4. The sad truth indeed. I sure hope there will be an API update sometime in the near future (and let's hope Mojang doesn't fall into the Valve syndrome:D)
  5. I think a better limit would be 100 players, but also I noticed at times there would only be around 35 players online on smp1
  6. "Only" is a relative term. Right before the server updated from 1.8.1, there were as little as 8 people at times (Although I KNOW that it was because most of the the others had updated)
  7. The trouble with adding more slots is the chat box activity. At times when there are 45 players in the server it's hard to get your message across if everyone is talking at the same time. I'd hate to imagine what a 100 slot server would be like!
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  8. i would also love to have it set to 100 but
    the server lags at anything over 50 people

    the limit is set to 45 because of how the suuporters work
  9. my computer can run 30 people and then it becomes very laggy in my server but lower than 31 works fine....
  10. not sure what you are trying to say but if you read through the thread you would see its a software problem with minecraft itself that lags the server
  11. One thing you have to remember is that we have a lot of custom plugins that make the Empire what the Empire is. They are way more advanced than the ones you can simply plug in and play on a vanilla server so they take up more resources than say your home server with 30 random plugins you found on a site somewhere.

    Plus we've found that 45-50 people is perfect for the chat. We've been on some more of the "popular" servers that have like 100-200 on at a time and it's pointless to even try and talk with anyone. The chat goes by so fast, you don't understand what's going on. Not to mention, they are mega mega laggy.
  12. I do wish there was a solution to this. I can't log on any more (Because I play on Fridays and the week ends.) and have to log on during my breaks (For only three seconds) so I don't lose my residence because I haven't been able to get in for who knows how long.