Volunteers needed for fixing my house xD

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by bossbaby, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone its boss would anyone mind volunteering to help me fix up my house. I was trying to make a lava beacon and well. the lava poured over the glass I had containing it. I tried scooping up the source block but it continued to create more source blocks! so finnaly I poured water all of my house. I knew that consequneces And welp it did this to my dome house xD
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  2. ME! What res number and server? :cool: By the way........ LOLOLOLOL! I'm sorry but it's SSOOOO funny! Worse than creepers! I'll help when server updates, cause i accidentally updated.
  3. lol smp1 and I forgot my res sumber so youl have to type name xD its ten times worse then creepers
  4. This is funny stuff. :) I like it.
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  5. Well I am just glad that you did not get greifed :D
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