Volunteering to put up street and avenue signs

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Would you like Street and Avnue signs at intersections?

Poll closed Feb 13, 2012.
Yes (I prefer street and avenue numbers) 13 vote(s) 31.0%
Yes (I prefer street and avenue names) 23 vote(s) 54.8%
No (I don't want street and avnue signs) 6 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. Hi, I enjoy walking around town admiring other people's creations, but often, remembering the username of the lot owner is very difficult, or I simply don't pay attention. Also, it not particularly easy to explore town walking if you don't recall if you've been to a particular intersection or area. Towns and cities work better with street and avenue identification. You can easily determine how many blocks away someone is from your current location, or your res. You can plan out your direction of travel without going towards the same area you've already been in. Streets and intersections will gain popularity over time as better plots are developed and become popular.

    Right now, I feel the town is not user-friendly for walking around and talking about cool spots or communities. That's why I am volunteering (and making my case to the admins) to be given temporary build rights on public roads (and hopefully enough free EMC provided signs and speed potions) to post the individual street and avenue signs at each intersection, for server 3 (and maybe the other servers can copy the blocks). Hopefully the admins can do this automatically, although I don't see how, so in that event, I'd be happy to put in the hours to do it myself. I'd start first 1st and 1st and work my way up and side.

    Interested or not, why not tell us how you feel about the idea by quickly answering the poll above?

  2. Thanks for voting everyone. For those of you voting "Yes (I prefer street and avenue names)" could you offer a suggestion of how such names would be chosen?


  3. they should all be named after me. i suggest something like : apamment's street 1, apamment's street 2, and so on.
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  4. Nope chuck testa

    It will be to hard to remember
  5. you could just do what the council does. divide the map into sections, pick a theme for each section, like birds, plants whatever, then pick names relating to that theme.
  6. That would be great.:D
  7. herobrine street xD
  8. griefer avenue (jkjk) :eek:
  9. That would be on the "rough" side of the tracks near the ghetto's. Rent would also be cheaper here :p
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  10. .... i live there irl.
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  11. I was born and raised there irl lol :)
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  12. So someone needs to come up with a lists of themes and a list of names...

    But I think numbers are easier to determine where you are exactly. Someone on 4th and 3rd know exactly where they are and what the next street is and so forth, without having been to the enxt street. Someone on Greifer and Pigeon has no idea where they are and has no idea what the next street is, until they get there.

    Just my two cents for why I think the novelty of names does not beat the advantage of numbers.

  13. I love this idea. Having street names would totally rock!!

    However, I believe the logistics of it are prohibitive. That's to say getting it done would be potentially extremely difficult on a few levels.

    Still a very good idea that's worth keeping in mind for if/when circumstances are ever such that it makes sense to undertake a massive project like that.
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  14. Personally i've always wanted to live on the corner of "smith and wessen" :p

    Wouldn't it just be easier to have a sign at the corner of each block with:
    "Lot numbers:
    1581 - 1650"
    for example?
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  15. sounds good to me. Also when generating the plots you could just assign random words from the minecraft items list:

    "diamond pickaxe st"
    "sulphur road"
    "cobblestone st"

    except there wouldnt be enuff item names for every street....

    what about "north-south 1/2/3/4/5...." and "east-west 1/2/3/4/5..." ( should be west-east but its not so easy to say... ). that would be easy enuff and easy to tell where abouts you were.
  16. Thats a good idea you have it would be nice to know where I am while walking around. But I don't think you should do that because it would be to hard for you, there are thousands of residences I don't think you have enough wood even to put that many down :p
  17. I don't think its very hard at all, and like I said, if be perfectly willing to do it. 2 signs per intersection. Maybe 2 mins per intersection. And numbers would be the best to localize yourself quickly. I think is perfectly doable.

  18. I can't make any promises, but if you would like to propose a complete and detailed numbering system that fits correctly, functionally, and smoothly into the town street structure we'll definitely have a look at it Mike.

    And if it's not something that gets used now, it may well get used at some point in the future. :)
  19. Could this be done in combination with street names? For example, line one "apamment st" line 2, " lot 1 - lot 100" ?

    to be honest, i have no idea how the lot numbers are allocated, i see on smp 1 reading right to left 104, 105, 207, 307 would this strange system work the way you suggest?
  20. I'll have a look at the live map and draw up a quick system and submit it here for review and well as how I will do it.