Volunteering Storage on Your Res.

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  1. So I know nobody wants to lose their items if they do a res reset and everyone have the option of nicely asking someone if they will hold our stuff. But I was just wondering a few things:

    1. If you volunteer to hold onto items, how long exactly should you expect the stuff to stay there?
    2. If they didn't do a reset but have more than enough room for their items, should you still have to keep their stuff?
    3. If you've already been accused of trying to steal items from them, should you hold onto their items until they're ready for them?
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  2. In my opinion (may not mesh with actual server rules, discretion is advised) once somebody has voluntarily handed you their items, they're yours. Whether you're an honest person holding on to items or not, that's their problem, not yours. If they didn't really trust you, they shouldn't have given you their items.
  3. See that's the thing, I said yes and he even asked for help removing the important things from his res. He then never reset. When I asked later if it was cool to move his stuff back he said not yet asked to leave it longer and left. I figured today it would be gone since there's tons of room but it's still there. I don't want to be accused of stealing anything. I also don't plan to hold onto it forever.
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  4. You can private message the person and wait a while (like a day or two) and warn them that if they don't get back to you in time, you're just going to... I dunno... take over their stuff, throw away their stuff, whatever makes you happy, lol. :p
  5. Well, I asked Aikar and he said "Well if you got perms setup chest on his res and move the stuff then be done with him." So I did. I even made sure he had every chest and sign lol. I figured if I kept anything or did a "Your stuff has been here for ___ Days it's mine now" there would be a huge argument.
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  6. You chose the wiser path. I would be happy to personally insult him for you. :D
  7. I don't see a problem with just holding on to the items for either one of you. If you don't usually use the vault, you can just store it there. Same with him.
  8. I think you should do the nice thing and keep it. He will probably explain when done and apologize/thank you for being patient.
  9. There is also the case when someone is taking your goodwill for a ride and they need to be gripped. If the OP feels this is a burden on them, then give it back however you can and tell them you can't hold onto it any longer.

    They could use the Inventory on every SMP and Utopia to hold their stuff. There is no need to get people to hold stuff on their Residences for you unless you have a seriously large amount of stuff.
  10. Pandas, if ur on SMP8 i could hold onto it for you. I have plenty of un-used room on my res, since i'm focusing on one area of it for my super market.
  11. Haha no need to get banned :p
    Haha. I thought on it but I didn't want to cause a bunch of stuff to go down. I figured the moment I said "Sorry you left it and never returned it's been _____ days. It is now my property." he would flip out and tell everyone I'm a thief or something.

    Yeah I kinda felt that was what was happening. He said he was gonna reset so he didn't lose his stuff but ended up not resetting.

    SMP7 But thanks though :)

    He had SIX double chests full of stuff, mostly because he had a ton of dirt, signs and mushroom soup. Plus he would have half a stack of one item in one chest and the rest in another. When I returned it all I combined all the stuff that would combine and put it all in chests, I even had one double chest full of signs from his res. When I was helping egg his chickens for him he threatened to flag me for stealing them while I was opening Inventory to drop the stack for him. Made me uncomfortable which is I guess why I didn't want to hold onto his stuff after a few days.
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