[Volunteer Job] SMP9 Northern Frontier Railhub

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  1. Note: Workers are volunteers and may be paid none or very little.

    For the nations in the northern part of the smp9 wild, using the traditional railway from the east is inefficient and slow, not to mention the confusing new pathways merging with the legacy ones. So, I had taken it upon myself to construct a railway to the north, to give people a way to spread out when making their own nations or outposts!
    Alas, new jobs have slowed me down in actually getting to that item on the agenda, so I've decided to make this a volunteer job so our great community can make my dream a reality!

    If you would like to donate materials, We're looking for:
    Collection at /v Traynfreek smp1
    Stone Slabs
    Regular Sandstone
    Glowstone/Redstone Lamps
    Stone(to be made into other needed materials)

    If you would like to volunteer, PM me on the site so I may fill you in on details!
  2. Design: Up for debate, but I have my own personal idea. My plan was to have the portal along the southern wall, and then have a semi-wide passage leading into a rotunda with to 3-4 railways on each "side" of the rotunda. The floor would be sandstone or sandstone slabs to protect it from spawning so many pigmen, with quartz or dark oak pillars. The railways would be 1 block sunken into the floor, with slabs/stairs around them for ease of entry.

    Tell me what you think, or if you're good at building, post some screenies of your own design! :D
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  5. Awesome! I don't think I will be up for building, but I can donate materials! Is there a special chest on your residence for donations?
  6. Sounds great! I would love to help but I'm really busy getting stuff sorted in my smp7 outpost and my smp9 res. idk if I have stuff to donate, but maybe I'll try to find some spare time to help out a bit coz I know how hard it is to get volunteer work done.
  7. Good idea! I'll have one set up tomorrow as soon as I get home from classes.

    Yeah, I am busy myself, irl and doing other stuff at my outpost which is why I am asking for volunteers. If you feel like helping out, just visit the thread again; It will always be here!
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    Mainly looking for builders!
  10. I would love to help build this, and I have plenty of materials to donate. I will try to get my MCBA team to help me too ;)
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