[VOLUNTEER BUILDER] Emcon Party: Help Build the Rooms

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  1. Hey everyone!

    As you probably know, Minecon 2013 is coming up in early November, but I've heard a bunch of people can't make it that weekend. That's why we're having an in-game party on Nov. 9th and 10th on SMP1! See my other post, "[VOLUNTEER HELP] Anti-Minecon Party" for more info. Even more info coming soon!

    Anyhow, since our party will last a weekend (2 days) in the Wild of SMP1, we need hotel rooms for protection (sleeping in a bed so if you die you don't go all the way back to spawn), storage, and other various reasons. They will be in the treetops of a jungle and on the ground of other selected biomes.

    We need to build at least 100 or more if we can! That's a lot of work, so we'll need help. If you volunteer, you will be helping out with building the hotel rooms. Just so you know, you will be traveling quite a bit to build.

    You will go through a part of the Nether (completely 100% safe IF you follow our instructions) and through any part of the Wild where rooms will be built. We need an experienced builder and
    MineCraft-er to take on this job!

    You do NOT need to supply materials. Donations of rupees, yellow wool, glowstone, jungle planks, beds, fences, birch wood stairs, flower pots and flowers, chests, and anything else really are appreciated!

    Please start a conversation with me if you want to help or donate. You can contact either me, minecraftgirl30, or ninjabee2000 for more info. We both regularly play on SMP1. Thanks!

    (We are not responsible for lost or stolen items, or death in the wild! ;))
    (Don't have much time? Read the orange text for important stuff)