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  1. Diamond Picks:

    • Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III in stock 5,000R
    • Efficiency IV, Fortune III out of stock 7,500R
    • Fortune III out of stock 5,000R
    • Efficiency IV in stock1,000R
    • Efficiency IV, Fortune III, Unbreaking III in stock 14,200R
    • Efficiency III,Fortune II Unbreaking III in stock 13,000R
    • Efficiency V, Unbreaking III out of stock 6,000R
    • Efficiency V, Fortune III Unbreaking III in stock 15,000R
    • Power V, out of stock 700R
    Diamond Swords:
    • Knockback II, Fire Aspect II, Sharpness IV in stock 1,600R
    If interested in any of these picks please PM me or visit smp9 and go to the shop. I will also deliver it to you. Please PM me on here or leave a comment for a Pick with 3 Enchantments.
    Please note: if you do not agree with my prices let me know, im willing to negotiate:) Also if you come to my shop and you don't see what the thread says PM me on the SITE and i will get back to you about the item. Thanks Guys:)
  2. Updated* have an abundance of eff 4 so there going on sale soon!
  3. Can you change the black text? I'm abit blind.
  4. sure lol
  5. *Now selling Bows guys :D
  6. Efficiency V, Unbreaking III in stock 1,500R: Those are out of stock.

    If you will make 1 I will buy it straight away.
  7. Sorry I havnt been home today to update it just keep check on this post, I update it everytime im on and it changes :)