Void. Inc. City

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  1. A company known as Void Inc. is becoming active on SMP5, SMP7, and SMP9. We would like to claim the land highlighted in the picture below. Keldonhoff, Princebee, thehedorn, maximuspower1234, icefirepb, and I are the major leaders of this company and would appreciate permission to start a large build just north of the LLO. EMC.PNG The build would be making a wall around all of this. What we would be making is a half residential, half factory wild "outpost".
  2. Looks pretty cool, I might join :D
  3. I will now log on to your account and edit this post :p
  4. Until the Dragon Tomb update you are not technically allowed to claim land.
  5. Except, you are not allowed to claim/buy land on emc. Its all public. So you can build anywhere you like
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  6. Claim, as in:
    1. Thou Shalt Not Destroy

    Do not break other people’s creations (aka griefing). If you are caught doing so mindlessly or maliciously you will be permanently banned.
  7. In the wild that is.
  8. Well no. Look at the NR...
  9. The New Republic just set up people that were in the same area and built together. So in essence they claimed it by building on it. Which has always been said that is pretty much like claiming because if you build in that area, you are griefing.

  10. The more the better:D. We will be taking applications soon!!!
  11. I have 2 things to say about that A) the scheduled release date is the 12th of Never, meaning that could take forever. B) Fine can we claim it after the Dragon Tomb upadate:). P.S how can you make a signature bar.
  12. No. Just... No.
  13. Wait wut. 12th of Never?
    Is that Aikar time of something?
  14. No, it's release date is January 23rd 2030. Geez... :rolleyes:
  15. I saw it in a commercial... when ur sick u watch lots of TV
  16. If you find an outpost of sorts, you can't be forced to leave. You do have to respect their builds and provide sufficient space for the other person to build so you can't BUILD just anywhere.
  17. A player named Thehedorn checked and he saw no builds
  18. mega facepalm.jpg He was talking... about... oh god... He was talking about this...
  19. I dont think that your allowed to claim large amounts of land in the wild or nether :confused: