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  1. Hey Community,

    I just finished my new colord wool shop on smp1. The price will stay at 90r pay stack of each color and in lower quantity 16 wool for 23 r. I also own a parkour, see the screenshots I'll post!

    Thanks for reading,


    2013-03-16_16.47.23.png 2013-03-16_16.47.41.png 2013-03-16_16.47.58.png

    2013-03-16_16.53.49.png 2013-03-16_16.55.07.png 2013-03-16_16.65.36.gif 2013-03-16_16.57.16.png 2013-03-16_16.78.06.gif 2013-03-16_16.59.16.png
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  2. Looks awesome, and nice TP too. All very clean.
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