Virtual Java Machine?

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  1. I've just finished loading everything that I needed for fun modded Minecraft when a wild "Minecraft has run out of memory" error appeared. What I want to know is 1: why it started doing it after I installed modloader, optifine, and reis minimap; and 2: Does someone who has experience with increasing the allotted memory in the Virtual Java Machine know of an easy to understand resource for doing so?

    Bonus round!

    I have 32 bit java running on a 64 bit OS (windows 8 ((silent screaming)). Is it worth it to install the 64 bit?
  2. You should defiantly install 64 bit as it won't run out of ram.
    32 bit is restricted to 3.4 gb of ram (I think it's 3.4)
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  3. Interesting. I'm going to be having fun with java tonight!