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  1. After going through my record collection, I found a lot of albums and singles. So, I've decided that I will share them all with you. Every week, you can expect a single (A and B side) or a full album.

    This week is Kim Carnes' single, Bette Davis Eyes, with a b-side of Miss You Tonite.

    You can get the mp3 file here:

    I'll bump this thread probably daily during the week
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  2. Since its morning my time, most people on emc should be awake, so here's a little bump for this thread
  3. You would think :p
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  4. Nice been looking for some new music to check out :D
  5. Bump.

    This is a great song. Although I can promise you something special for next week
  6. I know I said every week I would post a new one, but I think I'm gonna start posting them on Fridays instead. I'll have that special surprise for you guys tomorrow though. Be ready
  7. aren't there copyright issues with sharing music online like this?
  8. Have you tried using Soundcloud for uploading these? It'd be really cool to be able to see all of this collectively add up after each week, and would allow people to listen to everything all at once. ;)

    If you haven't heard of it, I suggest you check it out.
  9. I've done that before, and it gets taken down not even a minute after its uploaded
  10. Yes... well depends if the copyright expired already for the songs...