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  1. Hey guys,

    I was super exited for Vine, when I saw all those really funny videos, and I thought: Why not make an account with vines for myself?

    And so I did, I made an account and posted 2 vines I made with a friend. It was fun to do.

    And so is my question, are there any people here on Vine that want to follow me (I'll just follow everyone back, promised)?

    My name is ''zomaarmark'' so let's get some EMC interaction going on at Vine!

    Oh, and one thing, please like my Vines, I don't want to stay with one like, lol.
  2. What is vine?
  3. Vine is a social network where you can upload 7 second videos, you can like, share and comment, also following is possible.
  4. It's an IOS/Andriod app but I believe "Vine" has a facebook wall where they upload the most popular videos.
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  5. Oh, ok I dont have IOS or android phone :L