vindicators in the wild

Discussion in 'The Suggestion Box' started by daanhu, Jan 19, 2024.

  1. i have a problem basicly u can get pillergers in the wild but not pillerger that summons the vexes
    and the 1 with the axe
    in the wild this is probely to prevent old villergers to be killed or other mobs but i needed these mobs for a project multiple times for exsample ravengers to break leaves and a Johnny pillerger for a mob farm since its 2 blocks tall
    i would love to see these mobs in the wild but not killing rare old villergers and spawning efry where
    so i tink the pillergers shut be nerved
    for exsample no pillerger vex ravanger witch shut be able to kill villergers
    or target them
    ther shut probely be a way to spawn them
    i have some ideas for exsample buying chunks with tokens so u can spawn them with a raid
    or a command that u can turn on and it can spawn raids for 5 minutes until it turns off again
    or a comand that u can only use in your outpost or in your outpost terstory and turns raid spawning on
    so we can get these mobs