Villagers Not Breeding?

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  1. Hello, I have built numerous villager breeders lately of this sort (Breeder v2 built by TangoTek)

    They never actually breed. At first I thought it was because there was another breeder somewhere within 100 blocks so I've moved it around everywhere, on different residences and even 200 blocks up in the air. No matter where I place it, the villagers refuse to breed. Sometimes they breed whileI'm setting the thing up but after that they just stop. What am I doing wrong here?
  2. Does it work in the wild? Are you at ent cap on the res' you've tried? Use/entcount to check
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  3. I'd assume you do this, but you have to be really close to the villagers for them to breed. Are you waiting for them to breed while standing right next to the breeder? If not it might be worth trying.
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  4. How many doors have you got there?
  5. Yessir, been doing that
    Haven't tried it in the wild yet, I'll have to do that though. they're the only entities on the residence.
    Only 6 but I THINK it should still work, then again I'm probably wrong :p I'll keep looking into it
  6. I think the total number of villagers bred is equal to one third of the number of doors......

    Once housing has been established, villagers will then mate until the number of adult villagers equals 35% of the number of doors. Any remaining children will grow up as usual, resulting in a total number of adult villagers somewhere above one third of the number of nearby wooden doors.

    (From minewiki)
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  7. Have you been going afk while breeding them? I believe they require an active player within the area to breed.
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  8. yeah, gonna play around with it some more, think that system got borked somehow. Probably I'll just go with the classic tons-o-doors setup
  9. I also suggest an afk whirlpool (the water trick that constantly moves you in circles). This is, of course, assuming you are afking to breed them.
  10. The trouble with these sort of things is that I still become Away as the cursor isn't moving or anything, unless there is a way around this that I don't know?