Villagers in town don't breed??

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  1. I have a good sized village at my res on smp4 in town. It naturally supports about 15 villagers. In the past I have egged about half and then they repopulate rather quickly. They make the hearts and then there are little kid villagers till they grow and the population levels off again.

    This week it isn't working. Not sure when it stopped because I have been doing other stuff and not using them. Last last week I egged all but maybe 5 because I wasn't using them. Now they don't repopulate. They are almost always making hearts, but there are no kids or repopulation.

    I've noticed issues exist with iron farms in the wild and understand there is a problem. Am I the only one noticing this is a problem in town, or has some new flag been created that i don't know about?
  2. thats weird, contact a moderator
  3. Or the bug team, since that's why we're here. :)

    No new villager breed flag has been added, and I've not heard anything about breeding being intentionally disabled. When I'm next online, I'll see if I can reproduce. :)
  4. If YOU can reproduce? Might wanna reword that:p
  5. Reproduce the bug, if there is one.
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  6. Yes, if I can reproduce the bug...

    As in go to the bug test res, and attempt to breed villagers... Then if/when I fail miserably, add it to Track.
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  7. I didn't want to call it a bug until I had feedback and some verification.

    I just found a kid villager and an extra 2 adults at my res, so it seems there is no problem. Can't say for sure why.

    Thanks for all the quick feedback.
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  8. I kinda get this in my breeding area on smp2....
    The villagers breed but it takes FOREVER....