Villagers in Minecarts Disappearing

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  1. I've been trying to think of ways to get villagers with certain trades across residences, the best way to do so that I could think of was putting them in a minecart, then pushing the cart across the road to the residence I want them on. This works nice n' smooth at first, but upon rolling down the storage track (in the background of picture) they just blip out and disappear. /entcount confirms that they no longer exist. What's happening here? And does anyone know a better alternate to transporting villagers between residences?
  2. When moving villagers I use water and pushing them. They might despawn if entcount is too high or if they move to res. I have to look into this though.
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  3. Ahhh if I go up high enough I can build over the road correct? So moving them via water streams over the road should work yes?
  4. possibly, although it doesn't seem any different between moving them across the road and above ground
  5. It is.
    There's a point at height that nulls residence boundaries if you have flags there.
    Might help to make sure you have villager flag on the other res.
  6. The water stream strategy works like a charm but after flowing into their little holding area thing they blip out. Not sure if this is maybe a visual glitch? Relogging didn't help, nor did doing F3A to reload chunks. After relogging the villager appeared again only to disappear moments later.

    EDIT: After a couple minutes he reappeared, fell onto the proper residence, and is staying there? Problem MIGHT be solved He's now trapped in a constant loop of falling into the correct residence and then disappearing (which is kind of amusing but doesn't solve the problem). So the real problem is the villager moving between residences. They don;t seem to be able to move between residences?
  7. I don't think it matters how you move them across, because I think the ent limiter is designed to tp animals back to their home res after a little while (to account for animals/villagers simply wandering off you residence). So matter how you do it, it's just going to keep going back.
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  8. Yup, just learned this myself. So the problem is indeed solved as to why he kept disappearing
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