Villagers are disappearing everywhere!

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has this happened to you?

yes. 4 vote(s) 44.4%
no. 5 vote(s) 55.6%
  1. well 1.3 just came out. i go to the store, buy a few villagers, then place them. all fine and dandy, i had them enclosed in a 1x2 stall in rows, with light and all underground, locked away in the base of my statue (smp8). i log in the next day, and they are still there. then i log off for 5 minutes, and BOOM. when i log back in they are all gone. not just some, ALL of them.
    note that i prepared for people possibly using up trades with my villagers, so i removed any build or use commands on my lot. then i spawn what i had left and traded here and there. i removed the door since people could ender-pearl into the room if they wanted to. i logged off.
    then a few hours later i logged back on and they where GONE AGAIN!!!
    what's going on? they aren't suffocating, they have light and everything they need, and nobody is allowed to go into the room since it is literally sealed off with a wall.
  2. i believe ( as i see mine doing this) i notice sometimes only their heads show. they fall through the floor when you load the chunk sometimes. either that or you have really bad fps
  3. (insert aliens meme here)

    Two of mine did that yesterday
  4. it cant be because of them falling down, since they arent there (i broke into each cell to check) but that did happen to me once before, so maybe they fell and suffocated.
    i also dont have bad FPS, i run about 60 FPS usually unless there is excessive redstone or light updates.
    or the nether. *shudders*
  5. i get about 230+ regularly
  6. yeah well i dont have a friggin super computer. or optifine.
    im lazy like that XD
    but there is no reason to have a super computer render over 30 fps since that is about how fast the eye can process the video. 230+ would be pretty much impossible overkill.
    actually im doubting the 230+ thing. screenie in f3 maybe?
  7. I cant stop looking at your sig :D
  8. hasn't happened to me.