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  1. Recently I have been getting multiple requests or messages asking how I get good villagers and if people can have villager flag at my villager res, 14933, I can't give out villager flag because I would lose so much money and time I spent getting my perfect villager array, so the answer is no.
    If people are wondering how I get my villagers so perfect or how my villagers are setup, I don't use the eggify / reroll villager egg method, I just have a few villagers that never forget there last trade. If you need help getting these villagers I can help you in game or just give you instructions if you need.

    You can make easy profit off these villagers and I have some screenshots :p just let me know if you are interested in getting into the villager business. 2013-07-30_21.54.36.png 2013-07-30_21.54.36.png 2013-07-30_21.54.43.png 2013-07-30_21.54.46.png 2013-07-30_21.54.50.png

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  2. These were all gotten from paper, I haven't crafted any of these :D
  3. Except the horse armor :p
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  4. Wait. You got Diamond Armor from Villiagers...
  5. Actually I have a pretty good setup myself I just don't know how Deathconn gets his to give out books xD
  6. You do know they eventually break/run out, right?
  7. But mine dont :) you can see if you dont believe ;)
  8. 3 emeralds = 1 bookcase = 3 books
    1 emerald = 1 book
  9. No he means enchanted books, and those are just librarians
  10. Can you give me lessons one day? xD
  11. I mean enchanted books :p
  12. White cloak villagers, or librarians :p
  13. Wait. Villagers never forget their last trade???
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