Villager Trade Centers

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  1. Hi, recently i have been farming on my res on smp5 and i want to exchange wheat and paper to villagers but whenever i ask in chat nobody seems to answer so i thought of this, a thread that you can tell and exchange villager trade centers!
    Please comment of some villager trade centers you know!
    Please post in this format:
    Owner of villager trade center
    Smp & Res number

    Smp 4 9139


    SMP 1- 811 (Bobthetomato9798- Not open)
    SMP 2- 3296 (Curundu)
    SMP 3-
    SMP 4- 9008 (Jake_bagby)
    SMP 5-
    SMP 6-
    SMP 7-
    SMP 8-
    SMP 9-
    Note- I will try to update this as often as possible
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  3. There will be one at 811 on smp1 when it opens.
  4. I just usually take a bunch of villager eggs and spam click till I get what I want.
    It would be nice to have a list.
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  7. I live on 5, and recently been moving on utopia *cough* 50 more villagers i could spawn *cough*... but I have never seen you ask any villager related things. If you got any questions ill help you out, but i won't share my villagers with ya :D
  8. Probably because i am not that active in game atm.
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  10. Come on guys! I need some to put on the list.
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  11. You are welcome to trade with any of my villagers on 3296 smp2. If you can catch them. :D
  12. I have villager trading holes featuring the God Villager (11 trades) 3842
  13. revampedmadness has a sick crazy villager hidden somewhere, i heard he charges 100r for its use
  14. I'm currently building one on my res at 3902 smp2. There's only one villager so far, I'm waiting for the rest to breed. Go through the water fountain to get to it.