Villager problem

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  1. I'm looking for someone who can help me with my villager problem, but this is a huge problem you need to know villagers good to help

  2. What is the issue, I'm sure together we can find a resolution ;)
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  3. It's an unlimited villager that's super rare to get, but it broke :(
  4. I'm pretty familiar with villager trading - if you haven't got it figured out, feel free to PM me.
  5. what do you mean by unlimited?
  6. Villagers will lose their trade after being used a fair bit. If thats your problem.
  7. I believe that villagers will run out of trades after 7 or 8 of them, forcing you to "reset" them by trading a different item. However, I think you can get a trade that doesn't run out if you get it into the 5th trade slot. I'm assuming this is what's going on here, except that it stopped trading.
  8. That's why I said I need a pro villager trader, this villager unlike others never ends on emerald, you can trade with him for a very very long time

    But mine broke I know there is a way to reset him just I don't know how :(