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  1. hello everyone i'm thinking of starting a villager trade supply store and i need a few price checks before i start pricing

    emeralds :? (no idea)
    gold: (9 r ish)
    xp bottles : (no idea)
    wool (per each not by the stack)
    sugarcane/paper (per each not by the stack, i don't care if that # is a decimal)
    redstone dust:?
    also some price checks for chain-mail armor and the prices for most enchanted books would be nice
    thanks in advance
  2. also i need a check for book prices and wheat prices. also check out this villager fail:

    out of stuff to trade i suppose lol
  3. bump?
    also I've heard that their is a way to get villagers to make a trade infinite (such as 30 paper for 1 emerald as many times as i want) how can i make a villager do this?
  4. I kinda need to know these prices before the day ends
  5. emeralds :? (no idea) 20-25r
    gold: (9 r ish) 9r
    xp bottles : (no idea) 25r per
    wool (per each not by the stack) 1r
    sugarcane/paper (per each not by the stack, i don't care if that # is a decimal) .25
    redstone dust:? 1-2r per
    glowstone:? 20-30r per
  6. Btw.. I'm 99% sure that the infinite villager glitch was patched but I may be wrong.. That's what I think because I've had a villager on the last trade with paper before and it moved on to another trade..
  7. the "infinite" villager trade is on the 7th trade a villager has, you can trade that trade infinitely. you have to trade all 6 previous trades to get to the 7th, and the chances of that being a paper > emerald trade is slim.
  8. It's not even worth it I've spent like 5k and not even gotten one yet. WAY more efficient to just be skilled at constantly egging and hatching.
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  9. alright that seems right but im still open to others opinions on these prices so I can find an average
    also the prices for enchanted books would be nice
  10. I wouldn't recommend working with anything besides emeralds, paper, wheat, glowstone, or xp bottles. Anything besides those would drive you in a negatory profit hole when it comes to villagers..