Villager exploitation

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  1. As many of u may know the new update as introduced a new concept to minecraft named trading in wich u can trad with villagers.
    This was created thinking of the normal servers wer it is not very easy to reach in contact as u have to find an npc villlage and this village only has a limited amount of villlagers, therefore, the trades presented to u will most likely not be worth anything wich gives a sense of adventure and difficulty to this feature.
    However, as u r probably aware our server has a feature named eggification wich allows us to capture animals and villagers in eggs.UNfortunately some people have used that as a sort of "hack" in wich they take villager spawn eggs and spawn and despawn them until they r able to have a good trade. This means they r able to get things such as emeralds and enchantements extremely easily!!!!
    All of that as resulted in a massive drop of the prices, wich have gotten over 15 times lower!!!!
    I ask to the staff that they do their best to attempt to control this such as making that u cant trade with villagers wo have beeen eggified or amking sure that wen a villager is eggified it will maintain its trade or maybe even stop villager eggification.
  2. you can do the same thing legit with a few extra mins of work, just build docm's villager spawner and kill them off till you find the one you want. either way trades are gonna be exploited
  3. Then i suggest we stop trading in town...
  4. Just adjust accordingly to the new prices... How hard can it be.
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  5. Its not a hack. I think its fine.
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  6. Every update brings new things to minecraft that may or may not affect overall prices of items. The economy is dynamic and I love that about EMC. True, some items have dropped, but others have gone up in price (like villager eggs). Just shift your prices a bit and wait for the next update to change things again =D
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  7. Unfortunately i don't think minecraft does has the ability to assign that kind of data to spawn eggs. I believe Justin looked at this kind of thing when he was developing the eggification feature, but was unable to find a way to allow the sheep to retain their colour as they don't allow for that kind of data retention.
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  8. Correct. Plus Mojang has code that auto assigns a profession on spawn anyways so it would conflict.

    Also - We try to stay very close to Vanilla game mechanics. We try to not remove stuff that Mojang intends to be there unless it can be abused (Fire Charge from Dispensers and TNT, TNT can grief really bad and crash servers but we felt in the hands of Diamond only it was ok).

    While we are not a "Vanilla server', we advertise as "Vanilla-Like", so players expect to come here and experience close to default vanilla behavior. We only tweak things when its required to maintain a smooth player experience (IE Entity Limiter adjusting spawn mechanics)

    Plus, according to some rumors, the new shop system will kill the economy even more :)

    Just let it flow and adjust accordingly and all will be fine.
  9. You're evil..
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  10. :rolleyes:
  11. Someone isnt getting any good trades it seems;)
  12. What would be cool is if villagers only traded in nsps
  13. Im getting some amazing trade for you're information