Villager Breeding Problems?

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  1. So recently I have been trying to breed villagers to receive emeralds for collecting wheat, wool, paper, meat, etc. I have tried a few different ways of breeding, but none of them seem to be working. Although, on the first day of breeding, I was getting many baby villagers, and then collecting them. As the days followed, there were only about 2 being bred, up to the point (about 4 days later) when they stopped breeding. So I was wondering if this has something to do with some sort of villager chunks? I don't know, maybe the admins did something to the breeding rates. I have the villager breeder on Utopia by the way, if that had anything to do with it. So I could use a little help on this. Please help, Thanks.
  2. The chunk your villagers are in has to be loaded for breeding to happen. I would also suggest putting different villagers in to breed with.
  3. I'm pretty sure there can only be a certain amount of villagers for each door you have set up. (I think the limit is 1 villager for each 4 doors in the "village"?)

    Try egging a bunch and see if it helps.
  4. How many Villagers do you have and how many doors? Wiki says they will breed until the population reaches 355 of valid doors. If you egg a few of them do they breed again?
  5. Another person may be trying to breed villagers within 100 blocks of your "village."
  6. I do have 2 villagers, and about 60 doors. I'll try to add more in.
  7. The problem isn't that you have too little villagers, it's that you have too many. Try to have 5 in there to start and see what happens :)
  8. Ok, thanks for the help guys. :)
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