Villager breeding issues

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  1. I apologize ahead of time if this is not in the correct thread category. However, I am close to losing my marbles attempting to get villagers to breed. I've watched countless videos, read through previous troubleshooting threads, read many reddit pages on the subject, and although the villagers enter 'mating mode', they will not produce any offspring. At this point, I don't know if there's something I'm overlooking, or there is a server-side issue. Here's the basics I've covered.

    -Villagers have plenty of food, and trade skill for both are at 'Expert'
    -Plenty of beds, with ability to waypoint to beds and 3 blocks empty above beds
    -9 doors leading to the outside
    -Destroyed beds, and rebuilt them in case of a glitch
    -Added extra beds in breeding chamber just in case

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
  2. have they ever produced offspring?
    a common issue here is that you will eggify the offspring, but the bed will stay "used": you need to break the beds every time you eggify them.

    if this does not solve your issue, try to observe the breeders at +recycle on utopia, those should work fine
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  3. No, they have never produced offspring.
  4. Do they go to hearts and then to black cloud lightning thingy? If not could it could be a max entity count on the res maybe or could it be there are villagers at a nearby res and they are linking to them maybe?
  5. I just noticed they do produce the black lightning cloud, very sporadically. I had to wait a while to notice. I ran /entcount and I'm in the green. No nearby residences.
  6. Likely already have this but do you have trap doors so they "think" they can reach the beds.

    Also check your flags on the res. Could be breeding off.

    Also doors are not needed anymore. Just need 2 villagers, 1 a farmer and 3 beds. Nothing more is needed.

    Edit: just noticed, you have 3 beds (looks like 3) and 3 villagers? Can't breed more without more beds. Try egging 1 villager.
  7. I have a hallway with a trap door set up. On the other end is about 20 more beds. Im also in the frontier.
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  8. Strange. Should be find then.
  9. yeah, that's the issue, they need to be able to reach the beds
  10. Shouldn't the trap doors allow villagers to waypoint to the beds?
  11. Yea thats good enough as a full block to them.
  12. on this server they need to get to the beds, the trapdoor prevents that, so they won't breed
  13. Since when? Mine never did.
  14. I gave it a shot. No luck removing the trap doors and replacing with solid block.
  15. on the top there must be nothing, they must be able to walk to the bed. the trapdoor that is blocking their passage needs to go and be substituted by air.

    the bottom 2 by solid blocks.
  16. That's exactly what I did - I wanted to rule out any possibility the trap doors would prevent breeding. However, still no luck.
  17. that starts being strange.
    are the two villager sleeping at night?
  18. my breeder works great in town and better since the update, I have not had to break beds in a long time. My beds are only one block from the wall and the pillows are further away from the "door" when placed. I would make your walls only one block thick around the door and flip the beds 180 degrees with them only one block away from opening. You are welcome to poke around my res smp3 7603 or catch me ingame
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  19. Interesting, I just egged a bunch of mine and didn't need to break the beds either. What a wonderful development. Breaking beds was a pain in the patootie.
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  20. Yes, villagers sleep at night. I've also tried several combinations with bed placement including what you mentioned TECtock. I have noticed one common theme - everyone's breeders work in town, but no one has mentioned a breeder working in the frontier?
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