Villager breeding in town causes too much lag

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  1. I am a merchant and I deal with several vendors as well as hunt down resources in masse. However, with the unpredictability of villager breeding and exponential growth when they do start to breed, it causes several Testificates to occupy a small area and when left untended it can cause major cases of freezing lag when passing by a house which has left a villager breeding pit unchecked.
  2. same with when someone has a ton of chickens... it freezes my computer like no tomorrow.
  3. Quite true, i actually had to RESET a lot today because of the lag it was causing and they were breeding faster then i could eggify them. All up it was about 3600 villagers.
    If you do plan on breeding them i would advice keeping a close eye on them to prevent the need for staff to step in and take such drastic measures. :)
  4. I thought about keeping my own breeding pit but then thought about my super village in single player and how there are so many villagers there that they try to take over my house and quickly dismantled it.. If I want villager eggs, I can just farm them from my village in the wild unless Racoon City (which is right across the river) decides to merge with mine..
  5. The villager population can easily be controlled by the number of doors you have. Something like .35 villagers to a door, and once it hits a certain number they stop breeding.
  6. I try to keep my chickens under controll, ie. less than 10, usually around 6. In terms of breeding I have 2 ocelots, 2 wolves, 2 cows, 2 mooshrooms, 2 sheep, 2 pigs and 6 chicken. I also have a water pit for squid.
  7. that must make wool breeding very difficult. I plan to keep no more than 15 of each color, less for the least popular ones on my lot.
  8. I have way too many testificates at my resident but i can't get rid of them because I can't log in!!:( My minecraft freezes when its loading to go to the "MOJANG" screen and it says "done loading" but it's never done. It stays like that for hours or crashes. Should I click "update"? or force update? someone please help me since no one will in the Support/help area.
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  9. Yes I recommend a forced update, then try starting minecraft to see if it loads without a problem.
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  10. i am reporting a similar problem with a res on smp5. The res is 10872 i believe. Supposedly there are thousands of chickens and it lags out the surrounding lots so that you cant even move on them or even type. Can someone please look into this issue or point me to who to talk to about it. It's not grief, so should i use the in game report system?
  11. Do they need a village to be bred or just leave them in a dark room with a bed... or something:D
  12. So, in terms of chickens, how many can we have on our res's at once without causing lag for everybody else? (Obviously there isn't a fixed number, but approximately)
  13. You could have used /report if you liked, and left something like "excessive animals on 10872" as a message. Posting it here is fine though, as it is on topic for the thread. You could have also sent a /tell or personal convo to a moderator, and they would have found a way to help. :)

    There isn't an exact number, but even 50-100 animals each lot shouldn't be a big drain on the system.
  14. Ah, good thanks

    Edit: I like your signature btw :D
  15. Would a four story building crammed full of sheep, a huge underground pit of sheep and a few pins of animals add to lag? SMP7 lot 14465 has a lot crammed full and I don't even think the owner does anything with them. I wanted to say something but I didn't want to waste anyone's time.
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  16. And the lag on smp7 is atrocious at the moment so I would say it is attributing to it.
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  17. If I have to I can post screenshots. So many there are sheep on top of sheep.
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  18. It would have to be massive numbers to affect the entire server...
  19. This isn't even all of it but here are some screenshots.

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  20. Its real hard to tell from the screenshots, but i'd say maybe 200 sheep overall? Not that outrageous.