Villager babies and new Redstone Powered Light Block! :)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Twitch1, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. Enjoy the news update. :)
  2. wow, even their babies have big noses....
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  3. Baby Squidwards <3
  4. Oh they are so cute, i wonder if they have different outfits, or if they all wear the same little clothes. :p
  5. what object is it that is controlled with redstone? for lighting?
  6. OMG! THERE IS BABBBIIISSS :D so... How much xp do they drop? ;) and do we give them wheat?....
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  7. :eek: How much XP to they drop?!?!?! What sort of animal are you? :p
    I don't believe villagers drop any XP when killed, even the adults. :)
  8. This is an outrage! There not in the game to care for! We kill them for there copper noses... Remember? You were there!
  9. tis true my friend
  10. Oh. That just kills the mood. But we can still kill them for fun right? RIGHT?
  11. Yes if you wanted to
  12. Still 1 question. How do we breed them >:) and some nights will be worse than others?
  13. I've never seen a female villager. So how are they going to breed?
  14. Based on my understanding of this, they'll "breed" by themselves, or maybe you can "breed" them by making houses for them. But still, this is just what I think, and may not be true.

    Or maybe you hold wheat and they chase you? That will just be creepy.
  15. Why do I suddenly feel a bit worried that we might finally get that world reset
  16. Breed themselves hey... So I dont get to control it this time? It just gets worse and worse. No xp and now I can't breed them! This is madness! No... THIS IS SPARTA!!!! I had to say it...
  17. They harvest wheat to "breed" themselves?
    Maybe that's why they grow wheat...
  18. Oh. So that's what there new AI is :) and to fart unnoticed don't forget that...
  19. I like it ;) can't believe this new update thread has turned into a life story about how villagers breed...
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