[Village] Erebus - SMP8

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  1. Erebus - SMP8

    We are a small village on the outer realm of the frontier
    on SMP8. We aren't your normal village, We consist of
    players who are eager to build and reach the limits.
    Our village is dedicated to building and building alone. Everyone
    who enters must know that Erebus is only here for one purpose
    to spread the love of building.

    Come join Erebus here.

    Be warned we are only looking for young and strong players
    who are eager to win and achieve the number one goal. The
    number one goal is build the strongest Empire EMC has
    yet seen. Come join us to achieve this goal!

  2. Might I ask for screenshots? I'm debating joining :)
    [Edit] Applied!
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  3. :eek: I might wanna join
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  4. This sounds amazing :D I hope I will be accepted. Building expresses emotions especially happiness!
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  5. I applied hope to be accepted and be there soon
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  6. When will we be sent instructions on how to get there?
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  7. It will be sent via private message on the forums
  8. Have you chosen members yet?
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  9. We are still reviewing the applications and are doing some background checks.
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  10. This is an epic idea of starting this :)
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  11. I wanna join I will apply!

    EDIT Applied!
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  12. I applied! hopefully i am accepted, it would be a cool experience and awesome!!
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  13. Tahitan I don't think you're allowed to bump the thread; in this case only SirTah can right?
    EDIT: Nvm I'm stupid... I forgot SirTah is an alt, so you can bump it (I thought you were 2 separate people) (don't judge) (I saw the Tah at the end of SirTah and made the connection)
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  14. Just applied. Though not sure if i'll be picked but I'd just like to say Goodluck in Erebus.
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  15. Lol SirTah is the only member now? I might join.
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  16. Just applied!
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  17. Are you announcing members soon?
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  18. Come join Erebus!

    Where someday you might get to build... lol
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  19. Well this sounds pretty cool, maybe I should do this thing too. I think I will. See you in the apps.
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