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  1. im building a village in smp4 at 8509, i urge everyone to come take a look and leave me some feedback on ideas and if you can help with blueprints i would welcome it
  2. this is the village me and my friend recently made in the wild of smp4

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  3. thats nice, but im trying to put this on top of my res, but if you have any suggestions for it im welcome to them, i have a lot of free space
  4. If you need any help, contact me. :)
  5. i like the way the churches are made but never could build one i think that would be a cool addition
  6. Maybe a Resturant or Walmart type thing?
  7. already got the church
  8. Are gonna fence the area and put villagers in it to sell thier children?
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  9. lol thats tempting but no its just a project, like my underground city
  10. Oh ok is the underground city still there on the same resident?
  11. If we may call villagers persons then thats human traffic! D:
  12. yes it is, you can get there via the hut in the far corner, there is a path
  13. How about a bakery! :3
  14. I know you're probably not going for the hipster antiquity of an NPC village, but my neighbor shaunwhite1982-2 has a pretty nice village on smp2 if ya wanna check it out.
  15. just finished with the meeting hall, go visit and let me know what you think.

    next project: Bakery
    requires: stone/cobblestone/paintings/signs/food/light grey wool/

    stop by 8509 in smp4 and sell to the chest as a donation.
    let me know what you donated and i will put you up on the fence
  16. I can provide smoothstone next week. (i'm on spring break :) )
  17. Just ask and I'll give you stone brick, smooth stone, wool, and access to my sheep farm for extra wool

    I'd be glad to help with a nice project like this